Swagelok opens new global headquarters

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Swagelok’s new global headquarters and innovation centre has been officially opened.
Swagelok’s new, state-of-the-art, 124,000 sq ft facility includes an innovation laboratory and the Edward A. Lozick Customer Collaboration Centre and is directly connected to the company’s main plant.
The building also includes areas that honour the company’s nearly 75 years of success in manufacturing.
The main plant was also renovated as part of the process, including a makerspace that encourages Swagelok associates to bring their creativity to the workplace.
The planning for the new facilities began in 2014 with a workplace study by Cleveland architecture and interior design firm vocon.
CEO Thomas Lozick said: “Today, Swagelok employs almost 5,700 associates worldwide with more than 4,400 associates calling the state of Ohio home. Our growth would not be possible without public officials who see the value in partnering with businesses and who seek to continuously understand what businesses need — not just to compete, but to grow — in today’s global marketplace.”
Lozick also took a moment to reflect on the history of Swagelok and acknowledge his personal pride in the organisation.
“We have a picture of my grandfather, Fred Lennon, breaking ground on this very site in 1964. Before the company settled in Solon, my grandfather operated Crawford Fitting Company, our predecessor company, out of his apartment on Cleveland’s East side. Today, our global headquarters and innovation centre honours that heritage and inspires people to spend time together in collaborative spaces and to use state-of-the-art technology to connect customers and colleagues around the globe. It is truly a space that inspires creativity and connects people to Swagelok’s mission, vision and values.”

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