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Swagelok expands engineered combinations for oil and gas applications

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Swagelok has expanded its engineered combinations offering — the pairing of dissimilar fitting and tube materials— to address growing customer needs.
These solutions provide rated, corrosion-resistant, cost-effective alternatives to fully exotic alloy solutions in certain applications where those traditional choices may be expensive and unnecessary.
The robust design of Swagelok’s tube fitting technology allows the below combinations to be well-suited for applications in these environments.
The superior tube grip achieved with Swagelok’s hinging-colleting™ back ferrule design translates axial motion into radial swaging action on the tube yet operates with a low assembly torque requirement.
Swagelok’s SAT12 low-temperature carburization process is used to case-harden the surface of the back ferrules in all offered materials, which facilitates achieving excellent tube grip on tubing.
Engineered combinations allow the well-performing 316/316L Swagelok tube fitting to be used in combination with tubing of a different, more corrosion-resistant alloy in installations where corrosion is a top concern and 316/316L tubing is seeing crevice corrosion from tube clamps.
For new installations where costs need to be optimised, it means that 6Mo or alloy 2507 Swagelok tube fittings can be paired with the lower cost tube materials listed.