Svanehøj experiences big increase in pump orders

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Marine pump specialist Svanehøj is experiencing a significant increase in orders for deepwell fuel pumps.

A large new order from Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipbuilding highlighted the significant LNG pump potential in the ocean-going vessel segments.

Orders for dual-fuel LNG vessels broke records in 2021 with a total of 240 ships globally.

The Danish marine pump specialist quadrupled sales of its patented deepwell fuel pumps in 2021, and there are many indications that sales may increase even further in 2022.

Svanehøj has just secured an order for fuel pump systems for 15 dual-fuel LNG container vessels (7,000 TEU), which are to be built at Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipbuilding.
The total of 30 deepwell fuel pumps will be delivered from August 2022 to January 2024.

“Until a few years ago, the use of LNG as a marine fuel was limited to LNG carriers and smaller ships. But we are now seeing a sharp increase in fuel pump orders for deep sea vessels such as container ships and car carriers. We were chosen as the supplier of fuel pump systems for over 50% of the dual-fuel LNG container vessels ordered globally in 2020-21. And we aim to increase our market share further in the coming years,’’ said Johnny Houmann, chief sales officer, Svanehøj.





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