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Sundyne supplies ultra-low NPSHr pumps for gas liquid pumping application

Sundyne LMV803Lr pump
Sundyne LMV803Lr pump

Centrifugal pump and compressor manufacturer Sundyne has supplied its recently introduced LMV-803Lr ultra-low NPSHr, high-flow pump for natural gas liquids (NGL) pumping duties.

A long-time Sundyne customer recently ordered nine LMV-803Lr units for installation into product booster service.

Once commissioned, they will pump NGL from the bottom of a demethaniser to plant battery limits.

The LMV-803Lr is an API 610 compliant direct-drive process pump available in either OH3 or OH5 motor mounting configuration that provides ultra-low NPSHr performance – less than 2m across the entire performance range – for flows to 180m/hr and heads to 305m.

This ultra-low NPSHr capability allows the pump to be installed at grade level, eliminating the expense of installation in a pit and performing maintenance in a confined space.

The vertical design is suitable for use in refineries, NGL fractionation, petrochemical and chemical plants, and light hydrocarbon handling services.

The LMV-803Lr ultra-low NPSHr pump is currently on display in the Sundyne booth at the 2016 Turbomachinery & Pump Symposia in Houston, Texas.

Sundyne LMV803Lr pump