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Sulzer saves energy and reduces emissions for oil platform with revised pump design

A recent move to further reduce emissions caused by excessive energy consumption has seen the Norwegian government offering funding to companies that lessen their contribution to CO2 and NOx figures.
One oil platform in the North Sea took the opportunity to rerate two condensate export pumps which would not only reduce energy consumption but also optimize performance for the remaining life of the well.
Governments are issuing increasingly stringent targets for greenhouse gas emissions as well as other pollutants, to encourage companies to take an active role in improving our environment for the future. Cutting energy consumption not only saves money, it also helps to extend our natural resources and reduces pollution.
Optimising performance
Oil and gas platforms use a large number of pumps for a range of applications. As the wells are exploited so the pumping profile changes, and the hydraulic design of the pumps may need to be revised to deliver the most efficient service. There comes a point where the cost of a pump retrofit will be recovered from the savings generated by improved performance.
Pump retrofits involve the upgrade or...

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