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Sulzer provides distillation equipment for gas-to-biofuels technology

Germany-based flow control and applicators firm Sulzer provided distillation equipment to Indian steel manufacturer ArcelorMittal for a steel production plant in Gent, Belgium.

The equipment will be used to convert waste gases into 80 million litres of bioethanol annually.

Sulzer announced that the project is the result of a partnership with LanzaTech, a developer of a biotechnology that uses acetogenic bacteria, which is able to ferment carbon monoxide carbon-rich gases to produce ethanol.

“Thanks to our capabilities, we are well-placed to support such a far-sighted project,” said Sulzer’s Jacques Juvet.

“With this contract, we are partnering with ArcelorMittal and LanzaTech to create a novel integrated manufacturing plant that produces steel and ethanol at large scale with the lowest energy consumption and wastage worldwide. In this way, we are developing key strategies to meet the most demanding carbon emission mitigation policies.”