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Sulzer offers hands-on training in operating and maintaining pumps

Learning about the operation and maintenance of any important asset is the first step in optimising its performance and reliability.

This task is made easier when the participants are able to get hands-on training for pumps and inspect the components in person. Sulzer’s training courses give customers the opportunity to gather essential information and knowledge from industry experts.

Pump training courses can include many aspects, from operation and maintenance to design and rerates; every aspect can be tailored to individual requirements. As a major pump original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and independent maintenance provider, Sulzer combines expertise and experience in its training courses.

The training seminars focus on the issues and concerns that are prominent in many industrial sectors, helping companies to meet the demands for increased efficiency and availability, as well as addressing any safety matters.

Typically carried out over four days, the Sulzer Academy delivers training seminars that can include participants from different employers but with similar backgrounds and operational environments. Discussing many topics from basic principles to root cause analysis and operational challenges, courses are designed to share knowledge and expertise.

Comprising up to 12 attendees, courses also involve hands-on sessions where participants can complete inspections, strip-downs and measurements of essential components. Learning about mechanical seals, their assembly and installation is also covered to ensure these important parts are correctly maintained.

Companies send operators and maintenance engineers to Sulzer locations for training by experts in pump design and operation. Through better understanding of pumps and their role in the wider process operations, it is possible to improve the availability, efficiency and costs associated with pump performance.