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Sulzer launches new process pump range

Sulzer has launched its new SNS end suction single-stage process pump range.

The pumps are designed to provide high performance and reliability, and also the design requirements of the ISO5199 standard. 

For operators, the design can translate to savings in total life-cycle costs and a reduced environmental footprint, Sulzer says.

The new pump range was developed for pumping applications in the pulp and paper, water and wastewater, chemical processing, power, oil and gas, hydrocarbon processing, and general industries.

The SNS process pumps are designed to pump clean and slightly contaminated liquids, viscose liquids, and fibrous slurries.

Their hydraulic design provides efficient pumping with a low net positive suction head required across the whole pump range.

State-of-the-art simulation technology was used for designing the impeller, casing, and shaft sealing used in the SNS range, enabling it to feature efficient hydraulics with improved shaft sealing conditions for higher reliability.

Optimised patent-pending balancing holes in the impeller, together with a new design for the sealing chamber, can deliver an extension to the lifetime of the seal.

The patent-pending Sulzer mechanical shaft seal solution provides easy assembly and maintenance, while reducing the total cost of ownership by cutting down operation, maintenance, and downtime costs.

The compact pump design minimises shaft deflection and extends the shaft seal lifetime while decreasing unexpected shutdowns and overall maintenance costs.

Sulzer’s heavy-duty and compact bearing units are leakage-free, which minimises unexpected shutdowns and reduces the maintenance costs.

Standardised base plate, back pull-out design, and flexible spacer coupling with an electric motor of standard feet make the pumps easier to install, thus reducing installation costs.

The SNS pump range exceeds the EU’s regulations for energy-related products (ErP), which specify the minimum efficiency values for water pumps, with the target of reducing energy consumption.

The minimum efficiency index for standardised water pumps is set up to be ≥0.4, which means that 40% of the pumps currently on the market do not comply.

The SNS process pump range exceeds the MEI 0.7 requirements.