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Sulzer expands Scaba agitator range with new product

Swiss industrial engineering and manufacturing company Sulzer has introduced a new expansion to its Scaba line of agitators for the wastewater industry.

Scaba TreatX are standardised Scaba agitators built of Scaba modules with high-performance hydraulics and low energy usage, along with a robust stainless steel design.

The Scaba TreatX concept is developed especially for the municipal and industrial water and wastewater industry for the applications flash mixing, flocculation, and denitrification.

Flash mixers are direct driven agitators used for intense and rapid mixing of chemicals.

For flocculation and denitrification, gear driven agitators for mild agitation with low shear forces are used.

Each application area consists of a large variety of propellers and shafts for various rotation speeds, providing a very dense coverage of high-efficient agitators.