Successful pilot project locates 20 leaks in Brescia’s water pipes

Founded in 2008, A2A is considered the biggest multi-utility in Italy with more than 12,000 employees.
It generates, distributes and markets renewable energy, electricity, gas, integrated water supply and waste management services.
From its headquarters in Brescia, Italy, A2A Ciclo Idrico, a company of the A2A Group, operates more than 3,000 kilometer of iron water pipes, serving citizens in the municipalities of Brescia and neighbor towns.
As part of A2A intensive efforts to increase their efficiency, they have looked for advanced technologies that will enable them to reduce their water loss and energy costs.
A2A was impressed from the solutions offered by Aquarius Spectrum, an innovative Israeli company. Based on their robust design of acoustic sensors and cloud-based software that analyses the data received, Aquarius can trace all the hidden leaks in the water supply network’s pipes and calculate their exact location.
In addition to the leak detection, Aquarius’ system can offer assessment of pipes condition.
During September 2019, the company initiated a leak detection pilot with Aquarius...

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