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Successful cooperation

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AccessESP, a Houston-based provider of rigless electrical submersible pump (ESP) conveyance solutions for the global oil industry, has developed retrieval technology that reduces costs by enabling quick and easy ESP installation and retrieval using slickline, wireline, or coiled tubing.
The system eliminates the need for a workover rig to pull and reinstall an ESP, lowering intervention costs and minimising lost production. The company’s solution is based on technologies with long-standing use in oilfields and other industries.
AccessESP’s key innovation has been to integrate these proven technologies into a radically simplified rigless conveyance solution, differentiated by using a proprietary, high power density, high efficiency, permanent magnet motor.
The challenge
AccessESP’s Reliability Management initiative demanded the development of a new advanced power delivery system to eliminate conventional ESP electrical connectors and cable performance weaknesses.
The firm’s permanent magnet motors can operate from low horsepower (hp) up to 1,300 hp, necessitating the engineering of a robust, customised, bulkhead...

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