Success with flow measurement technology

As the manager and operator of the CHEMPARK in Krefeld, Germany, CURRENTA offers services that effectively facilitate the day-to-day operations of resident companies and enables them to fully focus on their core business. One of its elementary tasks is to supply energy.

The company supplies the production plants with all the necessary forms of energy in the required specifications, from electricity, natural gas, steam, compressed air, cold and technical gases through its own power plants and systems as well as by trading on the energy exchanges.
Another important part of its service portfolio is to ensure a secure water supply.

Although the chemical industry deals with much more than just water, it is nevertheless one of the most important media.

Water is required as a means of production, for example as a solvent, or as an energy source in the form of steam, hot water or for cooling.

CURRENTA supplies all the companies on the CHEMPARK sites centrally with water of various quality levels. Most of the water is obtained through its own systems, with the rest acquired on the open market, treated if necessary and...

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