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Submersible mixers help Montana WWTP make big energy savings

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When the small team at Daffy Hills Lane selected their new mixers as part of plant upgrade in 2004, they chose wisely – and not just because those same mixers are still dutifully working away today.
Purchased initially so that a 50-HP surface rotor aerator could be switched off during night-time hours of low BOD loading, the two 5-HP (3.7kW) submersible mixers, manufactured by Landia, have created energy-savings of $18,000 per year (€15,000), meaning that the payback for the whole mixer installation was just less than four-and-a-half years.
“The savings speak for themselves,” said Eric Miller, auperintendent at Chinook’s Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in the far north of Montana, “but the benefits have been manifold.”
The largest city in Blaine County, with 1,500 residents, Chinook is set in the heart of the Milk River Valley, where farming and ranching still prevail – but it is known as the Home of the Sugarbeeters, from the days of the Utah-Idaho Sugarbeet Company, which operated in the city for 26 years.
Chinook’s WWTP first went online in 1984 - a single oxidation ditch equipped with dual aeration rotors that was constructed to...

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