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Stored Crop Conservation Limited standardises on Titan flowmeters

Agrochemical specialists Stored Crop Conservation Limited has standardised on Titan Enterprises 900 Series and OG Series oval gear flowmeters to record use of low volumes of regulated chemicals.

Hygiene and the elimination of pests and fungus is a major problem in the growth and storage of bulk crops in modern agriculture.

From the preparation of the buildings used for food production through to the silos containing the mass of products, cleanliness is essential to ensure the produce quality.

Even when produce is being put into storage, the application of various chemicals extends the life of the products.

Stored Crop Conservation Limited (SCCL) has developed a system for ‘fogging’ these spaces with a fine mist, which ensures the whole volume is coated with the appropriate chemical.

The company has designed its own equipment and methods, which ensure a much more even treatment than conventional methods.

These chemicals are often regulated substances and careful control of the application volume is critical.

On current generation SCCL machines the volume of dispensed chemicals is recorded using Titan 900 Series mini-turbine flowmeters.

The flowmeters are coupled with a panel indicator recording total volume throughput on a re-settable display.

In this way the machine operator can check the desired dosage for an area against the actual volume of chemical used, ensuring safe dispersal.

To ensure consistent reliable measurements, SCCL’s in-house calibration rigs utilise Titan's oval gear flowmeters.