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StoneAge launches high pressure seal for pressure jet applications

StoneAge has released the new BJ 705 high pressure seal for Barracuda rotary pressure jet shotguns.

Surface preparation is a major application of industrial cleaning, whereby highly pressurised water jets are directed at a surface in order to remove material such as paint, enamel, rust, deposits, and contaminants.

Barracuda rotary shotgun tools produce powerful jets that spin around a central axis for greater surface coverage and material removal.

Waterblasting at pressures up to 44,000psi (3,000 bar) is demanding work for shotgun operators bearing sustained backward thrust up to 70lbs and is typically done in short intervals.

For this reason, tools are made to withstand repeated cycles of usage at extremely high pressures and harsh industrial environments.

The primary wear items on these tools are the high pressure seals and seats that ensure proper pressurization and performance.

Tools are typically taken out of operation for seal replacement at maintenance intervals ranging 30-40 hours.

The new BC 705 high pressure seal design effectively doubles the operating life of these shotgun tools from 40 to 80 hours under normal operating conditions.

StoneAge engineered the new seal to retrofit with existing tools and is making the cartridge available as a drop-in replacement for all Barracuda tools rated to 44,000psi.

‘The BC 705 seal prevents the possibility of early erosion. Less time is spent maintaining the tool, and overall run time increases for operators – that’s where the value is added in the tool,” explains Rick Doornbos, engineering manager and designer of the new seal technology at StoneAge.