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Sterlitech introduces two new diaphragm vacuum pumps

Sterlitech has introduced the compact and quiet TLD3000 and TLD5000 diaphragm vacuum pumps to its line of analytical laboratory equipment.

With optimized features, such as PTFE-coated contact surfaces, an oil-free design, and stainless steel valves, the pumps provide a chemically resistant and maintenance-free solution for a broad range of vacuum filtration applications.

Featuring a 1/7 horsepower motor, the TLD3000 model delivers a vacuum of up to 22 in-Hg and free air displacement of 20 L/min.

The larger, bleach-resistant TLD5000 model includes a 1/5 horsepower motor, for a maximum vacuum of 24 in-Hg, and free air displacement of 37 L/min.

Model TLD5000 also supports a maximum pressure of 18 psig, making it suitable for use as a pressure pump.

Both vacuum pump models feature liquid inlet traps, vacuum regulators, and PTFE diaphragms rated for 12,000 hours of use.

The new pump models are compatible with Sterlitech’s other vacuum filtration equipment, membrane filters, filter funnels, and vacuum manifolds to accommodate additional custom applications.