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Steel pipes to supply 100% hydrogen in Italy

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Italy's Snam SRG.MI has ordered its first supply of steel pipes fully certified to take up to 100% of hydrogen for its natural gas transport network in Italy.
Europe's biggest gas pipeline operator said it had signed a contract with Cenergy Holding’s Corinth Pipeworks for 440 kilometres of pipes.
The new high-pressure pipes will be used to replace old ones that Snam is retiring along its 33,000-km domestic network.
"This agreement confirms Snam's commitment to making its infrastructure increasingly ready to transport not only natural gas and biomethane, but also hydrogen," said Snam's chief industrial assets 0fficer Massimo Derchi.
Snam, which makes most of its revenue from gas transport in Italy, has pledged to deliver fully decarbonised gas in its network by 2050.
It has been experimenting with a 10% mix of hydrogen in part of its grid and has previously said 70% of its natural gas network is already made up of "hydrogen-ready" pipes.
Governments and energy companies around the world are betting on hydrogen playing a leading role in efforts to lower greenhouse gas emissions and help decarbonise energy-intensive industries like steel, heavy transport and chemicals.