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State of the art flow measurement

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Flow measurement systems are essential to many industries.
The monitoring of air, gas, liquid, steam or water flow provides exact information to specialists who manage their plants.
In short, flow measurement is a vital process in the production, manufacture and distribution, whether these be gas or fluid-based. Not only does it allow companies to monitor levels of production and manufacture but also bill clients for the amount of product delivered. Add to this the health and safety application of flow computers, and it is easy to conclude that they are an essential tool for industries.
Ex~i Flow Measurement, based in Ford, West Sussex in the UK, is specialised in flow computers that offer precision and accuracy in flow measurement.
Their SFC3000 flow computer is a globally established high end flow computer product.
Ex~i Flow Measurement facilities provide capabilities to develop electronic, mechanical and software products, provide product trainings, and space to manufacture a range of products for the measurement industry.
The core expertise of Ex~i Flow Measurement, lies with its employees who share a long experience in...

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