State-of-the-art borehole pump set for trade fair launch

The KSB Group has announced it will present its new borehole pump at this year’s IFAT trade fair from 4 to 8 May.

The UPA S 200 submersible new pump series,  has been designed for water supply, irrigation and groundwater management as well as pressure boosting applications.

With its optimised hydraulic design, the pump series achieves very high levels of efficiency.

The wear-resistant design with metal casing wear rings and silicon carbide bearings keeps energy consumption to a minimum for many years, even in the case of high grit contents in the fluid handled.


When the pump is combined with high-efficiency motors of the UMA-S type series and variable speed control, energy costs can be further cut.

For operations without a frequency inverter, the impeller diameter is trimmed to a very high level of precision. In this way characteristic curves are individually adjusted to the demand and excessive power consumption is prevented in fixed-speed operating modes.

The innovation will initially be launched on the market as an 8-inch pump and will be available in four different hydraulic sizes.

Its optimum flow rates range between 40 and 160 cubic metres and its maximum head is 400 metres. All cast components are made of high-grade stainless steel.


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