SPX Flow’s flow control solutions suitable for liquid terminals, tank storage applications

Global manufacturing and industrial equipment supplier SPX Flow has announced the availability of a range of flow control solutions for liquid terminals and tank storage applications.

The company offers mixers and valves, which contribute to efficient, economical and safe distribution of liquid commodities in facilities around the world.

The storage of crude oil results in the settlement of bottom sludge and water, which needs to be removed regularly to prevent accumulations that cause corrosion or reduce operational efficiency. SPX Flow’s Plenty TMH Side Entry Mixers prevent sludge from settling by ensuring that heavy solids, water and corrosive salts are maintained in suspension.

The TMH mixers feature a toothed belt and high efficiency impellers, while downtime is reduced through a tank shutoff device, allowing the shaft seal and bearings to be changed under full tank conditions. Maintenance-free bearings have a L10 life exceeding 65,000 hours.

For precise fluid control, SPX Flow’s M&J Valve Model M-303 slab gate valve is manufactured and tested to API-6D. The floating slab gate uses the natural force of line pressure to obtain a dynamically tight downstream seal in high-pressure differential applications. Low-pressure sealing is achieved with coil springs that energise the seat, pushing it against the gate.

The company’s Compact Expanding Gate (CEG) Valve is a full opening, non-thru-conduit mechanically sealing valve that uses a two-piece parallel expanding gate to achieve superior sealing, making it ideal for critical double block and bleed applications.

For cases where line pressure surges are a problem, SPX Flow’s DANFLO 400 series valves consist of a dynamically balanced plug assembly, which enables rapid opening, closing and throttling of the valve.

Surge-relief control is achieved by ‘loading’ the plug cavity from a regulated nitrogen source. A line pressure surge above the nitrogen ‘set’ pressure opens the valve instantly to relieve the extra surge volume. The plug then ‘tracks’ line pressure until equilibrium is regained and the valve closes.

SPX Flow recently showcased these offerings in a virtual reality experience at the ILTA show in the US.

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