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SPX Flow positive displacement pumps keep offshore operations flowing

North Carolina, US-based SPX Flow’s Plenty TRIRO C-Range of triple screw pumps are being used in oil and gas applications as part of a forced lubrication system.

The continuous application of lubricating oils to moving machine parts, such as bearings, gears and compressors, is critical to keeping offshore equipment operating at maximum efficiency.

A typical offshore installation may need to use dozens of lubricating pumps to keep everything running smoothly. One example is seawater injection systems, where bearings and gears need regular lubrication at the correct pressure and flow, to deliver the necessary high-speed and high-power performance.

The TRIRO C-range three screw pump is designed for medium-pressure, high-flow applications on clean liquids. Offered with a range of configure-to-order features, TRIRO pumps are easy to customise, making them suitable for incorporation in new systems or as a replacement to fit existing equipment parameters.

The positive displacement axial flow screw type pump has only three moving parts: a power rotor and two idler rotors. This results in improved pump efficiency and reduced maintenance needs. Designed specifically to pump oils, TRIRO pumps have an axial, pulse free flow and silent operation.

They are produced as a cartridge design with either an aluminium alloy or SG iron construction and feature a mechanical seal and optional integral relief valve as standard. The cartridge doubles as a renewable sleeve, and can be inserted into a fabricated steel casing to meet API specifications.

Custom casing designs can be accommodated to meet client dimensions and specifications. While they are most commonly found in offshore applications, other pumps in the range accommodate flows from 0.1 to 750 m3/hr, temperatures ranging from -20°C to 200°C and operating pressures up to 138 bar.

In addition to design and manufacture services, customers can benefit from spare parts accessibility and aftermarket support from SPX Flow.