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Spectronics unveils new marine leak detection kit

US-based Spectronics Corp. has unveiled a new leak detection kit, which is specifically designed to locate fuel, oil and hydraulic leaks in small-to-medium-sized marine craft.

In a statement, the leak detection company said its new technology is packaged with two distinctly coloured fluorescent dyes and differentiates between multiple leaking fluid systems.

According to Spectronics, finding leaks can be “hassle-free” if its system is used.

In a statement, it said: “Finding leaks is a simple, hassle-free procedure. Simply add the fluorescent dye to the fluid system and let it circulate.

“Scan the system with a Spectroline leak detection flashlight to pinpoint even the most elusive leaks. At the heart of the OPK-400M kit is the OPTIMAX 400 violet light leak detection flashlight — a high-intensity LED compact lamp that gets into cramped areas that are inaccessible to larger lamps.

The firm said that a 30ml bottle of fluorescent oil dye called Oil-Gio is also included in the marine kit.