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SoundWater Technologies releases portable sound-based flowmeter

SoundWater Technologies has introduced a new kind of portable wireless flowmeter called the Orcas.

Orcas transmits measurements wirelessly to nearly any mobile device, and its all-in-one design makes testing, monitoring, and troubleshooting easier for technicians.

The device combines several technologies to enable rapid measurement and analysis of flow inside a pipe without cutting or drilling by using ultrasonic sound waves inaudible to the human ear to measure flow rates.

Instead of requiring a pipe to be cut and welded back together for meter installation, the Orcas sensor – which sends and receives ultrasonic waves – is attached to the outside of a pipe using a cam-cleat apparatus.

The companion Orcas app for Android or iPhone can then be used to take flow readings through Bluetooth, which also eliminates the need for wiring.

According to SoundWater, in a typical application a technician can setup Orcas and start taking flow measurements in 1.5 minutes.

Measuring flow through pipes is essential in a wide range of settings, including agricultural irrigation, wastewater, cooling and heating, chemical production, food and beverage processing, pump applications, and petroleum processing.

'Portable flow meters get used regularly, for many different purposes,' says SoundWater CEO Jeff Peery. 'They're like the electronic multi-meter of the pipe world.'