Solving the water supply crisis in parts of Latin America

Solving the complexities of providing clean water and safe sanitation in a time of climate volatility was addressed during the 32nd Water Action Platform webinar.
Hosted by Isle chairman Dr Piers Clark and supported by technology consultant Rodrigo Valladares, the event focussed on Latin America – highlighting imminent and increasing environmental challenges. Initiatives and technologies which are being brought to bear were presented from across Mexico, Chile and Colombia.

Access challenge

Sergio Campos, head of the water and sanitation division of the Inter-American Development Bank, discussed the main challenges facing the water sector in Latin America, including social inclusion and equality, productivity and innovation, and economic integration - while considering the effects of climate change and environmental sustainability.
“The main challenges for the water sector in Latin America are mostly related to access – 25- 30% of the population in Latin America don’t have a continuous or...

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