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Smart Aussie pump for corrosive and difficult liquids

A new Australian Pump Industries (Aussie Pump) Smart Pump has been released featuring a 316 stainless steel casing.

The pump is an extension of the Aussie Pump range of pumps designed for a wide range of potentially corrosive or difficult to handle liquids.

The original Aussie Smart Pumps were polyester with a wide range of elastomers suitable for handling liquids as diverse as fuel oils, seawater, acids, and aggressive agricultural fertilisers and weedicides.

The new I Series stainless steel pump can also be used in aquaculture and even oil field applications.

Aussie Pump says the new pump’s major strength is its flexibility and versatility, with the pump internals available in fibreglass reinforced polyester, polypropylene, or Ryton.

Elastomers options, including O rings on the mechanical seal, mean these pumps can be configured to suit a wide range of difficult liquids.

For example, for seawater or brine Buna N seals are combined with polypropylene impeller and volute, whereas for concentrated nitric acid, pump internals in either Ryton or polypropylene fitted with Viton seals make for a suitable combination.

The pumps can handle a wide range of sodium based chemicals as well as urea, vinegar, and solutions of zinc sulphate.

The pump offers a maximum flow of 660L/min combined with a maximum head of around 32m, giving a pressure of 32 psi.

Its self-priming centrifugal design provides the pump with a vertical suction lift of 6m, and the double flush volute provides efficient operation and, combined with the integrated check valve, fast priming.

‘The most important feature we see is its 316 stainless steel body,’ says Aussie Pump design engineer Jeremy Shelton. ‘The two body halves are held together with a unique “V” band clamp. The clamp has a plastic toggle nob that facilitates easy disassembly for cleanout or service of seconds.’

The stainless steel body is corrosion and abrasion resistant, and can also withstand hard impacts in mining, food, or chemical industrial applications.

The porting on the pump is compatible with both 1½” and 2” pipework, with a smart port design that doubles as 1½” female BSP or 2” male BSP connection.

The industrial chemical version is close coupled to 415V three phase or 240V single phase motors, both of which feature 316 stainless steel shafts and are well-suited for applications in galvanising plants or similar corrosive liquid duties.

The pump can also be supplied for portable applications with either petrol or diesel engine drive systems.

‘The pump makes a handy salvage or firefighting pump for marine applications powered by either a Honda petrol or Yanmar diesel engine in full portable frame,’ Shelton says.