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Sludge cake to liquid in minutes

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Yorkshire Water Knostrop is a large wastewater treatment plant servicing a growing population of 800,000 people.
The decision was taken to rebuild the works with standard digestion and a combined heat and power (CHP) plant.
The contract was given to build a facility to process indigenous sludge and imported dewatered sludge cake.
SEEPEX had previously installed 12 large progressive cavity pumps on site, pumping sludges to an incinerator which had come to the end of its asset life.
Over many years these pumps had proven to be reliable, and SEEPEX had built a well-established relationship with both the end user and their logistics hub.

Reliable operation under extreme conditions

Knostrop is a sludge treatment centre that not only produces indigenous sludge but also receives five daily loads of dewatered sludge by truck five days a week from satellite sites in West and North Yorkshire. Each load had to be processed in under an hour to prevent vehicle backup.
The application required a pump to receive imported dewatered sludge from a large reception belt facility and process 28 tonnes of 30% DS cake with...

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