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Singapore’s PUB invests €32 million in new water solutions as demand increases

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Singapore’s National Water Agency PUB has received S$51 million (€32 million) from the National Research Foundation to develop innovative and high-impact solutions to meet national water needs over the next five years.
With the country’s water demand expected to almost double by 2060, continuous research and development (R&D) is required to spur innovative solutions that can ensure a secure and sustainable water supply for the future.
Areas of focus identified for R&D include reducing energy use in seawater desalination, increasing energy self-sufficiency in used water treatment and reducing industrial water demand.
PUB’s chief engineering and technology officer Pang Chee Meng said: “PUB has been continuously investing in research and technology to meet Singapore’s water challenges with three key aims - to increase our water resources, reduce production costs and improve water quality and security.
“As the effects of climate become increasingly pronounced, there is a need to study and address the longer-term impacts of climate change on Singapore’s water systems, including its effects on various water sources such as the local catchment, seawater and NEWater as well as water infrastructure.
“We look forward to receiving proposals with novel and scalable solutions that will help us meet present and future water needs, in order to build a resilient and sustainable water system in Singapore.”