Singapore embarks on Smart utilities roadmap

The PUB has appointed SP Services Limited to install 300,000 smart water meters from early next year.
This marks the rollout of the first phase of the Smart Water Meter Programme by the Singapore national water agency.
This is a key initiative under the Smart PUB Roadmap, which aims to transform the organisation into a smart utility of the future.
The first phase of the Smart Water Meter Programme will be rolled out across several districts as well as in the new housing estates. Meter installation is expected to start in early 2022 and complete in 2023.
With smart water meters, meter readings will be transmitted digitally and automatically daily to PUB.
This removes the need for manual reads, currently carried out once every two months as it is labour intensive.
In PUB's earlier trials about 10% of the 800 households experienced leaks, which mostly occurred at the water cisterns.
Such leaks often go unnoticed until the customers receive a higher than usual water bill at the end of the month.
“The Smart water meter programme is an important pillar in PUB's roadmap, which outlines our vision to digitalise Singapore's entire water system. With access to near real-time monitoring and data across the water network, this allows us to transform our operations and planning to meet Singapore's water needs," said Ridzuan Ismail, director of water supply.
“With increasing water demand and challenges posed by climate change on our water resources, we are also constantly challenged to find more efficient ways to supply water and conserve water, in order to safeguard Singapore's water security. Smart water meters that can provide near real-time water use information will help to change consumer behaviour, can give a major push to our water conservation efforts," he added.

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