Siltbuster Process Solutions trials treating raw water supply

Siltbuster Process Solutions (SPS), the water treatment specialist, has provided equipment for a special trial project that sees one of its lamella clarifiers treating a raw water supply.
The client is trialling different chemical dosing set ups on actual water, running the tests for several weeks to generate data for a thorough review.
For the pilot, SPS was tasked with ensuring its solution included a flowmeter, pH probe, chemical reactions tank – which includes dedicated mixers, a settlement tank and a sludge tank - and that it treat an initial flow rate of approximately 1 m3/hr.
To satisfy this request, one of its integrated iHB10 lamella clarifier units was installed on site.
The lamella clarifier uses a series of inclined plates, which provide a large effective settling area for a relatively small footprint.
This was ideal for this project where the solids loading is variable and solids sizing is fine. The inlet flow enters the mix tank where the coagulant is added, together with pH correction for optimum performance.
The water is then overflowed into another mix...

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