Siltbuster facilitates essential reservoir repairs during UK lockdown

Siltbuster developed and mobilised a large modular water treatment system as part of its essential infrastructure improvement work at a Welsh water reservoir.
The UK's leading water treatment specialist carried out the work at a facility near Caernarfon in North Wales.
The work, being undertaken by Lewis Civils, involved drilling, which generated fine rock particles and raised the suspended solids content of the water.
Cement and limestone are a threat to aquatic life, so it needed to be treated before the water could return to the environment.
With this in mind, Siltbuster was called in by Lewis Civils to safely treat the large volumes of high pH and solid-laden wastewater being generated, before it could then be released back into the local watercourse.
The solution was a three-stage modular chemical treatment system, comprised of a chemical dosing container, large 30m3 multistage reaction tank and three HB50M lamella clarifiers in parallel. By measuring the water quality parameters at the inlet of the system - total suspended solids and pH - chemicals were only used when necessary. This saved money, increased efficiency and reduced carryover.
John Gregson, senior site manager at Lewis Civils, said: “This project was located in a national park and so environmental compliance was of critical importance to us. With the operational period running for several months we were impressed with the responsiveness of Siltbuster. It had the equipment readily available within its large rental fleet and the engineer support was present even during the heavy restrictions.”
James Baylis, regional technical sales engineer for Siltbuster, added: “At Siltbuster, we provide support to a number of essential services such as the construction, municipal and industrial sectors, meaning we have continued to be operational throughout the pandemic.”

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