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Shutting the floodgates

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Consultants and contractors for the new pumping station at Velda Close in Suffolk, UK, looked no further than T-T Pumps to design, supply and install the equipment needed to meet the demands of the Lowestoft flood risk management project.
Drawing on decades of technical and site expertise, T-T Pumps was an essential partner to ensure the scheme’s success. Coastal flooding can be a devastating event.
The tidal flooding in 1953 and more recently in 2013 that saw 160 properties damaged by an extreme rain event and again in 2015 prompted the town of Lowestoft to take action to reinforce its flood defences. A range of options was considered to alleviate the risk posed by tidal flooding and the flood risk of Kirkley Stream.
After consultation with residents, a new pumping station and flood wall were considered to be the most practical options to protect properties and businesses within the flood risk area.
A spokesman for the Lowestoft flood risk management project explained: “We will be constructing a sheet-piled wall for approximately 300 metres along the stream to reduce the risk of flooding.
“We will also be building a new pumping station on...

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