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Shimadzu introduces new ultra-high performance liquid chromatograph

Shimadzu, an analytical instrumentation manufacturer, has introduced a new model of the i-Series integrated (Ultra) High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (UHPLC/HPLC) systems family.

The new Prominence-i version named LC-2030 LT is a detectorless model giving the users the flexibility of adding any detector of their choice and allows even inexperienced operators to obtain high quality data easily.

Prominence-i LC-2030 LT comes without the integrated UV or PDA detector, enabling flexible selection of detectors to be used, such as fluorescence, RID, or LC-MS.

Particularly for food applications, using the new unit in conjunction with the LCMS-2020 single quadrupole mass spectrometer provides good qualitative capacities, enabling accurate and high-quality quantitative and qualitative analysis.

LC-MS is capable of separation by mass and the identification of components from MS spectral information and therefore LC-MS is used widely in the field of food analysis.

This includes the analysis of a wide range of analytes, from effective to toxic components.

The i-Series (U)HPLC systems help users to improve their workflow with automation, high throughput, ecological features, and compatibility with mobile devices while maintaining adaptability with existing methods for easy transfer.

In addition to the efficiency and quality of analysis, operators benefit from the operation of the colour touch panel, remote monitoring, and control by smartphone or tablet PC as well as advanced start-up and shutdown functions. 

The i-Series concept is well-suited for applications in food, environmental, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

 It provides a 14 second injection cycle time and 1,536 continuous, unattended analyses utilizing 4 x 384 well microplates, speeding up the analysis process.

Changing or adding samples during a run is simple and different combinations of containers can be used.

Options such as a column switching valve, mobile phase selection valves, and a choice of detectors make it easier to run a large number of assays continuously while enabling multiple operators to share one system without compromising productivity. 

The maximally automated i-Series comprises auto-start-up, automatic system suitability test, quick-batch function, auto-shutdown, and auto-validation for system qualification.