Sharjah discovers new gas reserves

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Sharjah has discovered new gas reserves in the onshore Al Hadiba field.
The emirate has not revealed the volumes of gas discovered as it has yet to test the field located north of the Al Sajaa Industrial Area, according to the Sharjah Government Media Bureau.
“The new field was discovered after the Sharjah National Oil Corporation (SNOC) drilled a well over the past few months, and the well will be tested in the days ahead to confirm the quantities and potential gas reserves of the field for development,” a statement said.
The Al Hadiba field is the fifth onshore field in Sharjah, in addition to Al-Saja’a, Kahif, Mahani and Muayed fields.
The announcement comes after Sharjah, in 2020, discovered a new onshore well of natural gas and condensate in the emirate, its first in more than three decades.
State-owned SNOC and Italian oil company Eni discovered the “Mahani” exploration well within the first year of their partnership, SNOC said at the time.
The SNOC, established in 2010, is tasked with the exploration, production, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of Sharjah's energy assets.
In addition to the Mahani gasfield, it owns and operates three onshore fields, a gas processing complex, two hydrocarbon liquid storage and export terminals and a network of flow lines and production pipelines.

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