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Sewage treatment facility brought up to date

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Japanese TRN submersible aerators have proven themselves in a pilot project at a medium-sized sewage treatment plant.
After completion, the operator immediately placed a follow-up order and retrofitted the plant.
Extensive maintenance is a thing of the past, and the energy balance has been significantly improved.
The Klettgau wastewater treatment plant treats domestic, commercial and industrial wastewater from nine communities in the German-Swiss border region.
It is located outside the town of Hallau in the canton of Schaffhausen, west of Lake Constance.
After 36 years of operation, it was decided to carry out a complete renovation.
"The plant had to be comprehensively renovated, extended and adapted to the regulations," said plant manager Werner Bringolf. It was once designed for 14,000 inhabitants. Today it is dimensioned for 21,000 people.
A mixing channel system with a total length of 26 km ensures a dry weather intake of 6,400 m3 per day.

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