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Sera introduces new piston diaphragm pump model series

Sera has added the new R 509.1 piston diaphragm pumps with eccentric screw adjusters to its dosing pump product repertoire.

The new model series aimed at application areas where the series 510.1 and 511.1, which are already available, were not optimal.

The operating range of the new 509.1 piston diaphragm pumps ranges from 6.5L/h to 81L/h at counterpressures of up to 300 bar.

This performance data qualify the new piston diaphragm pumps for a broad range of applications in the petrochemical industry, among others.

The new 509.1 screw jack, which was conceptualised as eccentric screw adjusters, forms the basis of the new model series.

The screw facilitates precise, linear stroke length adjustment, thus making it possible to achieve consistent metering even at high capacity and high pressures.

An eccentric screw adjuster system is differentiated from a normal straight slider crank mechanism in the fact that the eccentric can be radially adjusted, which allows the stroke length to be precisely set.

This design minimises the energy expended adjusting the stroke length, while at the same time increasing precision during operation as well as during idle time.

The stroke can be continuously adjusted from 0-100 % using a hand wheel or a servomotor.

The standard pumps come equipped with a multilayer diaphragm that facilitates secure monitoring of the diaphragm.

The construction of the multilayer diaphragm ensures that even if a membrane breaks in the part in contact with the media, the hydraulic area of the pump will remain protected.

The pump itself is protected by an internal equaliser valve, which ensures that the hydraulic space always contains the optimal amount of hydraulic fluid.

A positive side effect of the valve is the fact that it limits excess pressure in the pump’s operating space.

The application range of the 509.1 pumps goes from dosing tasks related to petrochemistry through to applications in the pharmaceutics or food industries.

For use in the crude oil pumping and refining industries, pumps are available in both an explosion-proof version and a version compliant with the API standard 674 and 675.

There is also a comprehensive selection of metering accessories tailored to the needs of the end user and the pump.