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Sensors that ensure safe operations at petrochem plants

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When it comes to the petrochemical and chemical industries, it is critical to have a precise awareness of current operating temperatures to ensure a stable, efficient, and ultimately safe operation.
Traditionally, temperature measurement is a process that relies on human operators to manually record the temperature of operational equipment and then to adjust accordingly.
This interpretation relies heavily on the knowledge and skill of an experienced engineer.

Operational changes

However, it is notable that in today's operating environment, operational capability is fading fast. The industry is experiencing a migration of critical knowledge through a continued loss of essential personnel.
While some loss is expected - through retirement or natural employee attrition - companies frequently see key employees being lured to other, usually tech-orientated, industries that put significant value on experienced engineers. This issue is further compounded by intense competition for newly graduated engineers.
The uncomfortable truth is that modern society is becoming reliant on products and services increasingly...

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