Sensaphone introduces versatile new monitoring system

Sensaphone, a monitoring technology provider, has introduced a cellular version of its Sentinel system.

The Sentinel provides 24/7 monitoring of unattended equipment and remote locations where Internet or Ethernet connectivity is unavailable.

The Sentinel system is well-suited for monitoring equipment operating at oil and gas wells, refineries, and storage facilities as it can detect changes in conditions such as tank levels, flow rates, pump status, power supply, and temperature from -78°C to 76°C.

When the system identifies an issue, it immediately sends alerts by phone, text, or email over standard cellular networks provided by AT&T or Verizon.

This instant notification allows personnel to take corrective action, save critical assets, and quickly address a potentially costly situation.

Only one Sentinel unit is required to monitor up to 12 different environmental and equipment status conditions.

The Sentinel system stores all sensor readings in the cloud, which provides unlimited information storage and protects against data loss.

Multiple devices can be managed from one account using web-based management tools with no software requirements.

‘The Sentinel system is an affordable way to get instant alerts about problems that can shut down production at unattended wells and can cost thousands of dollars in product loss, downtime and repairs,’ says Dave DeFusco, vice president of engineering at Sensaphone.

The Sentinel system’s enhanced data logging capabilities allow users to print, graph, or export event reports daily via email, providing an audit trail of all user data activities.

In addition to the cellular system, Sensaphone offers an Ethernet-based model.

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