SEEPEX slashes pump maintenance time with new solution

SEEPEX’s new, innovative Drive Joint Access (DJA) technology reduced maintenance time for its open hopper pumps by up to 75%, and costs by up to 90%.
This smart maintenance concept – an industry first – has already been installed at Thames Water, Anglian Water, United Utilities and a wastewater treatment site in Ireland.
The patented solution enables in situ access to Seepex’s open hopper pumps for dewatered and thickened sludges in 11 minutes maximising asset uptime, cutting labour costs and optimising operational performance.
Overcoming space constraints
Prior to the launch of Drive Joint Access (DJA), operators of these open hopper pumps faced a real challenge whenever their pump needed servicing or repair.
They are typically located in tight spaces underneath large pieces of capital equipment such as dewatering machines - often obstructed by pipework, valves and structural steelwork.
Even the simplest maintenance task could take three or even four days, as engineers were required to remove the whole pump from the installation – often with the aid of costly, heavy lifting equipment – before taking it to a...

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