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SEEPEX SAI optimises dewatering plant 

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Scottish Water’s Kinneil Kerse WwTW produces an estimated 4,701 tds of dewatered sludge which is conditioned with lime for use as fertiliser on land. The sludge operation at this site has been funded and is operated by Veolia who are contracted by Scottish Water.
In 2021, as part of a modernisation project delivered by Veolia, two competitor’s progressive cavity (PC) pumps were installed to feed dewatered sludge into a SEEPEX lime mixing pump.

Blocked pipework after commissioning

After commissioning the new pumps, the site began to experience regular blockages in the discharge pipework which affected feeding the lime mixing process and sludge disposal.
To clear the blockages the pipework had to be dismantled and the site incurred additional costs associated with the hire of a mobile lime dewatering unit. Veolia approached SEEPEX for a solution.
After assessing the installation, it was clear that the high...

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