SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps meet stringent hygiene standards

Pump technology specialist SEEPEX has developed a new range of hygienic progressive cavity (PC) pumps to meet strict hygiene requirements.

The BCFH range is the first to be certified by the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) under its new testing standards.

EHEDG, which was founded by Unilever, is a global consortium that aims to ensure the hygienic design of process equipment. As well as publishing guideline documents and setting best practice, the group certifies equipment that meets the highest hygiene standards.

SEEPEX is the first company to gain EHEDG certification for newly developed hygienic, PC pumps under the revised testing process.

According to a release from the company, due to low shear action, SEEPEX’s PC pumps do not impact a product’s physical quality. They can efficiently pump viscous and sticky products, as well as those containing soft solids.

When used for dosing, PC pumps produce a low pulsation flow that has linear proportionality to the pump speed, allowing for easy calibration and greater accuracy. This maintains product quality, even when using a variable raw material.

The new hygienic BCFH pump range has a titanium flexible rod as the rotating unit, which is corrosion resistant and low maintenance. Containing no joints, the rotating unit is detachable from both the rotor and the plug-in drive shaft, making maintenance easier.

Pumps in the BCFH range also have a split suction casing, designed using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) which analysed liquid flow patterns.

“The use of CFD identified improvements that could be made to the suction casing inlet, to produce ‘swirl flow’ which guides the CIP fluid to all areas of the pump, creating more efficient cleaning of all surfaces,” said Norman Dicks, product range development team leader at SEEPEX.

“It also means that less aggressive cleaning fluids can be used, which increases the pump’s lifetime and improves environmental acceptability. This is the first time we have used CFD and thanks to the enhanced cleaning capabilities it brings, the BCFH pump range was able to meet the stringent demands of EHEDG testing, achieving Type EL Class 1 certification.”

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