Scottish Water and Kando join forces to improve wastewater management

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Kando, a data intelligence solution provider specialising in wastewater analysis, has a new partnership with a water utility in the UK.
Scottish Water 
has joined forces with Kando to implement its wastewater intelligence solution and bolster its ability to harness wastewater for the benefit of community and public health.
UK government increasingly sees wastewater treatment as a priority area. Raw sewage from storm overflows and constant emission of wastewater containing harmful pathogens is an escalating problem, and often water utilities are insufficiently equipped to respond to the public health challenges posed by these issues.
Additionally, effective wastewater analysis can have a game-changing impact on community health, with modern technology capable of leveraging wastewater analysis to monitor the spread of viral diseases, or measure the impact of particular community health initiatives.
Kando’s partnership with Scottish Water will see the company implement its 
cutting-edge wastewater management technology across hundreds of assets.
We were impressed by the offering, experience, and professionalism from Kando which should enable us to bring this wastewater treatment works back into compliance, said Steven Boon, wastewater treatment area manager for Scottish Water.
Kando has a proven track record of market leadership in the field of wastewater intelligence, having 
spearheaded Israel’s efforts to track COVID-19 and its variants in collaboration with Israel’s Ministry of Health, as well as partnering with numerous municipalities in the USEurope, and beyond to implement its innovative technology.

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