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Schneider Electric launches new flowmeter

Schneider Electric, a France-based automation specialist, has launched a new flowmeter called Foxboro MagPlus Magnetic for wastewater and food and beverage applications.

According to the company, Foxboro MagPlus flowmeters feature robust, fully welded construction, a selection of global standard flanges and end-connections, rugged liners suited to all water and wastewater applications or hygienic sanitary design, and durable exteriors suited to underground installation and constant flooding.

In a statement, Schneider also said that its new flowmeter has a “virtual grounding feature” which helps to eliminate the need for grounding electrodes or rings to reduce installation complexity and cost.

Schneider said any flowtube can accept any of three interchangeable Foxboro magnetic transmitters, including models IMT30A, IMT31A, or IMT33A.

MagPlus magnetic flowmeters hold approvals for electrical and sanitary certifications as well as drinking water applications.