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Schlumberger announces latest multiphase flowmeter

Oilfield services firm Schlumberger has announced the latest addition to its latest generation of multiphase flowmeters for offshore and land applications.

The Vx Spectra surface multiphase flowmeter enables operators to obtain flow rate measurements in production testing and permanent monitoring.

The flowmeter uses full gamma spectroscopy to provide high accuracy in multiphase production measurement. Two new venturi throat sizes are adapted to an extended range of flow rates. The Vx Spectra 19mm monitors low-rate producing wells down to 30 bbl/d, and the 40mm venturi version introduces a mid-range multiphase meter with flexibility to match oil and gas production flow rates.

Sclumberger says its modular design configurations offer easy integration with operators' production facilities.

Extensive testing has been conducted on the product, acquiring more than 400 test points at four industry reference flow loop metering facilities. Tests were conducted with various fluids and at different pressures and flow regimes.