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Schaeffler introduces new two-in-one lubricator for pumps

Precision bearing manufacturer Schaeffler has launched a new model of two-point lubricators for rolling bearings.

The FAG Concept2 system provides two separate lubrication points that can be individually adjusted to supply bearings with varying lubricant volumes.

Schaeffler describes the new lubricator as a compact and cost effective system for rolling bearings that delivers a constant supply of grease without the need for manual intervention, particularly when machines are located in difficult-to-access areas or are deemed as critical to the production process.

The system is suitable for both OEM applications and retrofitting to existing machines or equipment.

The lubrication points are controlled by either one or two individual piston-dispensing pumps, enabling the system to be adjusted to meet up to two different bearing sizes with varying lubrication requirements.

The system is suitable for dispensing lubricant to a variety of industrial rolling bearing applications, including pumps, fans, compressors, gearboxes, and electric motors.

FAG Concept2 can operate independently or can be activated by an external control system, coupled to a machine or production system.

Protected to IP65, the system is powered by battery or a 24V DC power supply and it dispenses either oil or grease up to NLGI 2.

Delivery pressure is up to 50 bar on a 24V DC power supply, or up to 30 bar when battery-powered.

Operating temperature is marked from -20°C to +70°C.

The lubricant is stored in a transparent replaceable 250cm3 cartridge, allowing users to easily check the lubricant level, which enables easier fill-level control.

The system also features an integrated LCD user display and two keypad control buttons for set up and adjustment.

FAG Concept2 operates on Schaeffler’s Arcanol range of lubricants.