Sanexen Water’s Aqua-Pipe able to withstand extreme weather conditions

As communities around the world face increasingly severe environmental conditions that can threaten critical pipelines, Sanexen Water has launched a product that could protect them from extreme seismic and flooding events.

The company’s Aqua-Pipe technology has been proven to maintain its integrity and does not rupture during rigorous simulated in-ground earthquake scenarios.

Sanexen Environmental Services teamed up with a group of North American environmental public and municipal utility services and the research team at Cornell University’s School of Civil and Environmental Engineering to carry out testing on the product.

They subjected Aqua-Pipe to a series of extreme seismic force testing at the university’s Geotechnical Lifelines Large-Scale Testing Facility in Ithaca, New York in the US.

"These results far exceed what we had expected for Aqua-Pipe resilience through this testing and, most importantly, communities and cities now have a clear and proven solution that can protect and secure their underground lifelines with certainty for everyday use and in cases of extreme seismic activity," explained Kevin Bourbonnais, president and CEO of Logistec Environmental Services and Sanexen.

"The resilience achieved by the Aqua-Pipe technology has surpassed everything we have tested so far,” added Thomas Denis O'Rourke, the Thomas R. Briggs Professor of Engineering in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University. “This is the best result we have seen and actually achieved the maximum we could test. This new generation of Aqua-Pipe performed extremely well under extreme seismic forces.”

Sanexen’s innovation team partnered with Cornell’s Lifeline Group to advance its seamless structural water technology through funding provided by Sustainable Development Technology Canada and Transition énergétique Québec.

"This is a game changer for cities near fault lines along the west coast and earthquake sensitive regions throughout the US and Canada,” concluded Madeleine Paquin, chairman of Sanexen and president and CEO of Logistec. “Aqua-Pipe can transform our water main and gas lines infrastructure from being a liability during an earthquake, to a utility that can be counted upon during a time of need.”

The Sanexen Water team will continue to work closely with utilities to plan the next generation of Aqua-Pipe installation throughout cities in North America.

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