Saipem successfully constructs Norway’s largest pipeline

In a press release, Norwegian energy firm Equinor detailed supplier Saipem’s construction of the country’s largest pipeline.

The 36-inch pipe extends 283km from the Mongstad oil terminal outside Bergen to the Johan Sverdrup oil field in the North Sea.

According to the press release, the pipelaying operation began in late April this year. It was outlined that the operation had been completed ‘with high quality and no serious incidents.’

Geir Bjaanes, responsible for subsea, power and pipelines for the Johan Sverdrup project, said, “We have together with our supplier Saipem succeeded in laying the oil pipeline to Johan Sverdrup without any serious incidents. It has been a significant operation, involving more than 600 people at the most, who have welded together over 23,000 pipes to create what has now become Norway’s largest and longest oil pipeline.”

The next stage of the operation involves a 156km pipeline that will travel from the Johan Sverdrup field to the Statpipe pipeline. The operations are estimated to be completed during the autumn.

Equinor claims that when the pipeline operations are complete, the amount of pipeline will stretch to over 400km.

“We have spent many years with Saipem planning these operations. We’re all very aware of the size of the task, with several months at sea with a significant installation scope,” said Tor Kåre Egelandsdal, who is responsible for the pipeline installation and the contract with Saipem.

“The key is to follow the thorough plans that we’ve prepared and maintain our significant focus on HSE along the way, until also the gas pipeline is in place.”

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