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Saint-Gobain showcases new valve products at Semicon

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics is introducing the new Furon 2" HGV/HGVM valve and Furon Q-Valve improvements at the Semicon show in California.

At the premier semiconductor industry show, held in the Moscone Center, San Francisco, from 12-14 July, Saint-Gobain will demonstrate the highest Cv valve in the industry based on its full-injection molded Furon 2" HGV/HGVM valve.

The valve is specifically designed to withstand harsh chemicals while offering a high level of purity and optimum flow performance.

It is a good fit for semiconductor, laboratory, and environmental applications where ultrapure chemicals - including water - require precise quality control.

Saint-Gobain will also showcase an improved dual O-ring guiding system for its pneumatically actuated Furon Q-Valves.

The system helps operators achieve high uptime performance for fluid delivery applications where reliability and performance are critical, such as semiconductor processing, chemical processing and delivery, and photovoltaic.