Rotork releases modular system for control and sequencing of process valve actuators

Rotork Midland recently introduced a new high integrity modular concept for pneumatic actuator control assemblies. Constructed in 316L stainless steel, the Smart-Loc system is particularly suitable for the control and sequencing of process valve actuators in oil and gas applications.

Compared to traditional fabricated panel mounted assemblies, the Smart-Loc offers a lighter, stronger and more compact alternative, together with significant capital and operating cost savings. Complex, labour intensive arrangements using panels, pipes and additional fittings are eliminated and replaced with a fully assembled and tested interface block, ready to be fitted directly to the actuator. The units will interface with all types of pneumatic actuators.

A range of field proven components – valves (spool, poppet or direct mounting) and filter regulators – connected in series on the interface, are tailored to meet the requirements of individual projects, ranging from standard shut-off circuits to intricate control circuits. The unique clamping system for individual components incorporates static O-rings for higher integrity and long term reliability. No design work is required from the contractor and all components are kept in stock, resulting in short lead times. With ATEX approval, Smart-Loc components are suitable for hazardous areas and industrial use.

The integral clamping system also simplifies field maintenance, enabling individual components to be simply and swiftly unclamped and replaced.

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