Rotork launches 3rd generation IQT intelligent part-turn valve actuator

Rotork has introduced the new IQT electric valve actuator, which combines Rotork’s 3rd generation intelligent technology with the direct-drive operation of part-turn valves.

The new actuator brings new features to the IQT range, including advanced data logging and communication capabilities to give the user better access to data.

The actuator is capable of displaying diagnostics graphics, such as valve torque, usage profiles, and service logs directly on the actuator via a backlit LCD screen, as well as local position indication and valve and actuator status.

The display provides real-time status data, positional and warning icon information, and actuator setup and operating menus along with diagnostic and operational data screens.

The actuator is capable of wireless connections through Bluetooth, and data can be transferred to a PC for analysis by using Rotork’s Insight2 diagnostic software.

According to the manufacturer, the actuator is capable of retaining data logs and configuration settings even during a power outage due to an internal battery.

 The IQT’s double-sealed IP68 watertight and temporarily submersible enclosure, in which the terminal housing is separately O-ring sealed from the rest of the actuator, protects internal electrics from the ambient environment even with the terminal housing cover removed.

On the actuator’s enclosure, local open/close and local/stop/remote selectors are coupled magnetically to internal switches without penetrating the actuator body, enhancing non-intrusive environmental protection.

Emergency handwheel operation with motor preference is provided as standard.

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