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RotaSafe RM2 eliminates nuisance tripping

The RotaSafe RM2 is a patented detection system recently introduced by Rota Val which very effectively eliminates nuisance tripping, providing customers with a reliable protection facility for their production cycles.

Although suitable for all types of industry, RotaSafe RM2 is ideal for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries where the financial consequences of metal contamination - to say nothing of the downtime while the valve is repaired or replaced - are the two main reasons behind its development.

Even minor internal valve damage will invalidate the ATEX certification requirement simply by opening a flame path. With RotaSafe RM2 installed, the instant that rotor to housing contact is detected, the valve is shut down with the result that there is no contamination to that batch and minimal damage to the valve.

While RotaSafe RM2 has been designed to be fitted to new valves, it can also be retrofitted to valves that have had regular maintenance.